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Amenities are a vital part of any residential property and every buyer ought to get it right if they want something that will meet their needs. Filinvest Sandia Homes does not only have the best amenities, but its features are also great and will without any doubt meet your needs as a first time home buyer. That’s why if you what a permanent home, the best place is here and you shouldn’t let this opportunity go. Whether you are a young professional working in Batangas and looking for a good place to live or you are a family man looking for a place that will give your loved ones the best environment, Sandia Homes has what you need.

Filinvest Sandia Homes is a modern residential property that’s nicely designed and rests in a spacious area. Here, you’ll not only live comfortably but also enjoy the beauty amidst numerous scenic views of Tagaytay Ridge and Mount Makiling. Breezeways and jogging paths will give you the space you need to refresh in the evenings when you arrive home after the hassles of the day. In fact, each day will always feel like you are out on vacation with your loved ones. Indeed, you deserve to be part of the new community here no matter what it will take to own or rent a home here. You won’t find another environment that can measure up to the level of Filinvest Sandia Homes. 

For recreation during weekends and holidays, there are complete amenities to help you enjoy your time as much as you want. A picnic area, pocket parks, and children’s playground will meet your needs fully. In fact, if you have a family and have been looking for a place that will be okay for you and your beloved kids, then you’ve finally found one. You won’t be thinking again about taking your children out for leisure because everything they will need to enjoy will be conveniently near your home. Aside from being perfect for your kids, Filinvest Sandia Homes also has a clubhouse and a pool for adults. Indeed, if you take a step today and acquire that dream home you have been looking for in Batangas, your lives will change completely for good and each day will be enjoyable. 

For maximum security, the whole area where this project is located is fenced, and there is a guardhouse with a 24hour security. Internally, your security is also assured, and there are CCTV cameras place strategically to monitor everything that goes on. Besides that, protection against any fire incidences is assured as there are fire detection and alarm systems. What else will you require to enjoy peace of mind and live comfortably knowing that your security is guaranteed? Now you know where to find your home. Filinvest Sandia Homes is the place.

In addition to being complete when it comes to amenities, this residential project in Batangas is also amazing when it comes to features. Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, corridors and other spaces are nicely completed. Living here is without any doubt comfortable and a realization of your dream if you have been hitting the road looking for a perfect home. If you want to have the rooms customized to suit your needs, you also have all the freedom to do that and make your home to look and feel the way you want.

  • Clubhouse
  • Adult and Kids Pool
  • Picnic Area
  • Pocket Parks
  • Children's Playground
  • Village Entrance with Themed Wall
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Guardhouse with 24-hour Security
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